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  1. After receiving the source text, the client is notified of the price of the translation. The final price is based on the prices included in the Price List and it is always given in advance.
  2. All information included in the translated documents is strictly confidential.
  3. A standard page (1 NS) is defined as 1,800 characters including spaces (MS Word: File » Properties » Statistic Data). Minimum rate invoiced is 1 standard page (NS).
  4. Discounts are provided for larger translations.
  5. Invoicing immediately after translation or at the end of the month when all translation jobs ordered and provided are invoiced. Invoices are payable in 14 days, however, the term may be extended if agreed.
  6. Any claim must be lodged in 30 days following translation receipt. No translation claim after this term will be considered.
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